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Our Process

In other for us to do our jobs well, we need to have a plan for your success. Below is the process that happens from beginning to the end when you decided to work with us.

(1.) Schedule a meeting

Firstly you want to click on "CONTACT" so we can schedule a meeting either over the phone, zoom or face to face. This is where we get to know you, your expectations, and questions etc.

(2.) Decision time

We can now discuss about different ideas on how you would like the finish video to look like.

(3.) Shooting Day

Now the most exciting part, the shooting day. This is the day we are going to finally start putting everything together to get the results we all want.

(4.) Final video

The last step of this process is for you to give me the thumbs up that everything was great. If you need our help in any way sharing/marketing your video, we are here to help you.
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